Friday, December 14, 2012

Line up for Dec 15th

 Hi folks,
Sorry this is getting out a bit later than usual, but we've packed this week's market full of excellent vendors to fill your tables full of food and your stockings full of gifts!
Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Market Bucks!
See you all tomorrow!

Cooley Farm- eggs, multiple pecan varieties
Roundabout Farm -  butternut squash, leeks, parsley, cilantro, and garlic
Dancing Raven - original artwork, hemp jewelery
Buila Family Farm - Tomatoes, spicy greens mix, hot peppers, hearty greens and more
Miller Farm - eggs, winter squashes
Lick Creek Beef - "100% grass fed and finished" hormone and chemical free beef

Frontwards Farm and Farmhouse Craft - an assortment of cool weather veggies plus felted
jewlery and gifts

River to River Farm - beets, spinach, many garlic varieties, turnips, dragon tongue green beans, and winter greens.
Twisted by Lisa - Jewelery
Dayempur Herbals - Skin Care, wellness essentials and herbal concoctions
Debbie Winters - Handmade artisan soaps
Papermoon Designs - hand painted jewelry & metalsmithing
All Seasons Farm - Certified organic herbs, greens, and other seasonal veggies
Leepy's Gourmet Foods - Preserved/canned foods including jams and all things picked
Hollow Pumpkin Farm - seasonal vegetable delights
Aur Beck- Gaia House's Rice and Spice cookbook
Mulberry Hill Farm - collards, spinach and cilantro
Steve Neilson - spun wood pens, wine bottle toppers and more
Scott Martin - Honey
Glass Roots - fused glass kitchen tools and artistic pieces
Jessie Sims - upcycled/re-purposed jewelry
Flyway Family Farm - Oyster Mushrooms, lettuces, and other goodies
Greenridge Farm - asian greens mix, lettuce mix, french greens mix, green onions, dill,
parsley, rosemary, garlic (+braids), sweet potatoes & dried flowers
Mustard Seed Sower's Farm - Osaka Mustard & Turnip greens, kale, fresh and dried herbs. This farm also accepts Link/SNAP/EBT payment!
Countrysprout Organics and Skincare - certified organic lettuce, spinach, parsley, cilantro and sweet carrots as well as organic skin care