Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Card Recycling at the Winter Farmers Market!

Season's greetings everyone! As the winter wonderland continues we here at the Winter Farmers Market are thinking up ways to help you recycle all of these holiday cards. Not that the thought doesn't count, but really, how many cards can one person keep, and for how long?!

Some cards are just too pretty to go to the recycling bin, and it seems sad to waste the effort of a well designed seasonal card on the bin. Luckily there are multiple organizations, classrooms and individuals who repurpose these cards and use the fronts to make new cards!

Bring your holiday cards to the Winter Farmers Market on January 5th or January 12th and deposit them in the big card box! If you'd like, you can keep the inside/back portion of the card, since this is usually the sentimental part anyway. If you don't feel like messing with that just toss the whole thing in the box and we'll make sure your auntie's special note gets taken off before we send it out. ;-)

Continue to enjoy these snow-filled days while they last!
Happy New Year!

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