Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year line up for January 5, 2013!

Hello and Happy 2013 from the Winter Farmers Market! Don't forget to bring your holiday cards to the market this saturday or next. We'll be collecting them for repurposing and recycling!

We are so thankful for our wonderful growers! they've had a major snowstorm, heavy winds, dropping temperatures on top of the general work of farming! Some of incurred more damage than others and will not be at the Market for a while, but they'll be back as soon as they're fixed up! In the meantime, the growers who will be at Market apparently didn't get the memo that you can't grow in the winter (Buila still has tomatoes! whaaat?) Check out the list below to see who all will be there and what they'll have (with a few surprises on market day for sure!)

Cooley Farm- eggs, multiple pecan varieties, muffins, cookies

Grace Pascall- crocheted winter wear

Jen's Joe- ready to drink, locally roasted coffee, coffee by the pound to go

Lick Creek Beef - "100% grass fed and finished" hormone and chemical free beef (may be his last week while reprocessing happens! be sure to stop by for the beef!)

Jewelry Box Rocks - natural elements, beautiful rock and metal work jewelery

All Seasons Farm - Certified organic herbs, winter greens, carrots Romain lettuces and other seasonal veggies

Donald Miller- Sweet potatoes of various sizes and varieties

Darn Hot Peppers- specialty hot peppers, salsas and jellies

Betsy Herman - greeting cards and beaded earrings

Glass Roots by Mary - fused glass kitchen tools, home and artistic pieces

Leepy's Gourmet Foods - Preserved/canned foods including jams and all things picked

Gaia House/Gaia Cafe' - Rice and Spice cookbook, ready to drink cocoa and tea

Buila Family Farm - Tomatoes, spicy greens mix, hearty greens and more

Heartland Honey - Honey!

Flyway Family Farm - Oyster Mushrooms, lettuces, Kale and other goodies

Mustard Seed Sower's Farm - Osaka Mustard & Turnip greens, Stevia,  kale, fresh and dried herbs.This farm also accepts Link/SNAP/EBT payment!

Rose Hill Creations - Denim purses, throw quilts, placemats, pocket floor rugs, teddy bears and more

Hippie Child Creations - Tye dyed, hemp and knitwear for kids and adults


  1. Looking forward to getting out of the house and checking out the Winter Market...

  2. I hear that sherrie! good thing it's warm inside the Market!