Friday, January 25, 2013

Line up for January 26th, 2013

This has been a whirlwind of a week! I hope you all are as excited as we are to hang out at the market for a while this saturday, maybe grab a cup of "joe" and a baked good while you decide what great produce and craftsmanship you'll take home. This week we're adding some new vendors with great things to round out your shopping trip! Laundry detergent, travel cups (great to put that cuppa joe in, btw!) cookbooks, knitted winter accessories and fun crafts for charity and more! Check out the list and we'll see you there! 

Cooley Farm- eggs, dried herbs, muffins, cookies

K Noodles - locally made fusilli and fettuccine noodles

Lick Creek Beef - "100% grass fed and finished" hormone and chemical free beef, sausages an more

Donald Miller- Sweet potatoes of various sizes and varieties

Darn Hot Peppers- specialty hot peppers, salsas and jellies

Leepy's Gourmet Foods - Preserved/canned foods including jams and all things picked

Gaia House/Gaia Cafe' - Rice and Spice cookbook, ready to drink cocoa and tea

Kirsten & Grace- crocheted winter wear

Jen's Joe- ready to drink, locally roasted coffee, coffee by the pound to go

Heartland Honey - Honey! ... and bee pollen.

April Malone - repurposed recycled travel mugs and cups

Debbie Winters - Handmade artisan soaps

Flyway Family Farm - Oyster Mushrooms, lettuces, Kale and other goodies

Mustard Seed Sower's Farm - Osaka Mustard & Turnip greens, Stevia,  kale, fresh and dried herbs.This farm also accepts Link/SNAP/EBT payment!

Dayempur Herbals - Skin Care, wellness essentials and herbal concoctions

Don Arvi - Pecans!

Buila Family Farm - Tomatoes, spicy greens mix, kale, & more

Frontwards Farm & Farmhouse Studio-   "pasture raised poultry" & eco-friendly felt hair accessories,cards , pins & more!

"Duct Tape Accessories for Charity" -  duct tape bracelets, bows, wallets. 100% of the sales go to St. Francis Animal Shelter.

Love your Loads - hand crafted laundry detergent 

Kristen & Grace - handmade knitted & crocheted winter-wear

Dr. Grammy's Garden- blankets, hats, cookbooks, magnets, simmer scents, cookie mix, hot cocoa mix & baked goods.

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